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8cm Regionals having a photo shoot before a couple friends leave. I wanted to take a bunch of photos coz they are all too adorable. I will definitely miss the ones going to new owners. Still looking for a 8cm Golden Karp to complete my collection ;w;

AND GUYS LOOK I FOUND THE MELON BOY! But my biggest wish is a 16cm or 45cm :’(

Club Nintendo of Japan released a wallpaper, in which Link’s wearing the Majora’s Mask.

Prices from left to right:

Alpacasso Cellphone Holder plush: $20.00 shipped w/ tracking. (SOLD)

Moving Alpacasso “Circus Music”: $35.50 shipped w/ tracking.

Shaking/dancing Alpacasso: $40.75 shipped with tracking.

All prices are definitely negotiable!! All you gotta do is send me an email at with your offer and we can talk more from there. If you’d like to see a video of the electronic Alpacasso moving, just ask ^^

The more you buy, the better deals I can do + combined shipping! 

Please check out my other sales posts if you like stuff similar to these cuties :3

Note: I will only be accepting payments via Paypal as it is the safest and quickest method to send cash.

I still gotta post a vid of these electronic moving ones, sorry XD

Macaroooooons! So close to all the colors! Blue and both shades of purple left!! Also the closed eye ones and maybe the light pink and green in the big size too. A girl can dream!
Thanks to derpola for my new light pink macaron! Hes so cute!!

:D They all look wonderful together, I hope you can complete your Macaron series !! I am also looking for the blue and closed green eye XD They are pretty darn hard to find.. Anywho~ thanks for supporting my sales!! I know you will take great care of the pink macaron :’)
One more thing owo


I have been getting quite an amount of emails since I posted these sales up, so if you have emailed me and I have not replied to you in the past 48hrs (or maybe you really think that your reply/email did not go through), you have every right to email me again ANYTIME to make sure that either your…