Live This Life. ❤️
Can I just..

Say thank you for all my supporters whether it be for my sales or my overall health; thank you for all the positivity and kindness you guys show even when I mention there will be a delay in shipments due to my schedule ;w; I know there has been some rude and hurtful anons lately, but not to worry; the are the least of my worries. My biggest concern is to make those who are having a bad day— to smile :D Because everyone deserves to be happy, even if it is just temporarily. People gotta realize that happiness is not permanent, but that’s why we can experience it so much. Smile more my beautiful and handsome followers ! Have a wonderful day/night. I will get to some of these unanswered asks eventually I hope!!


Uh oh, looks like you were fallin’ asleep on the job again! Pretty sweet of the gang to tuck you in, though. :)

i like the cape’s logo :D 



The level.

i’m very angry and very impressed

potion seller,

yeah~egg custard moon cake and lanterns \(^o^)/ #midautumnfestival #mooncake #lantern #traditional #alpacasso #roppi #12kuriko #decemberskuriko


Took this photo for EGL and I thought I’d post it here too! This is how I store some of my favorite accessories. The necklace holder was a thrift find for $3!! 

this is so pretty :D!