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Congrats to timelord903 for winning my mini giveaway! Thank you everyone that participated ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
Congrats to timelord903 for winning my mini giveaway! Thank you everyone that participated ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
Hi ~

I am now gathering up the entries and assigning each one a random number. So depending on how many entires you got from buying from me will give you more random numbers that might get picked out of 65 total entires! I will message the winner very soon, good luck to all who entered and thank you again for all the support :)

Ah so pretty *o*

Anonymous asked:
did you already pick a winner?
Then I said yooooooooooooo:

Okay whoever keeps asking this, if I find out who you are; I will ban you from any future giveaways if I ever decide to do another one. I do not spend my whole life at home and I wish you would understand that and not make me feel rushed. I am sorry if this sounds mean, but please be patient and I will be messaging the winner around 8pm pacific western time. As of now, I am outside of my house and typing this response on my iPhone. No more asks like this PLEASE.


My room is still messy but I got a new shelf :X The big pacas are already seated nicely on there (look at the white trio celebrating xD). They can’t wait for the alpacas I’ve ordered to arrive~

ipandaa asked:
Hii I was wondering do you know where I can get a neon green or green alpacasso? or is it too late that it has become rare now?
Then I said yooooooooooooo:

They are actually really rare to get at this point and you might be able to buy one from alpacaloco or KawaiiPlushLove if they have any in stock anytime soon. I might be selling one too, a green macaron; but I will have to see if the convention I am going to next month has more~


He’s just as excited to start playing this as I am! :3 Seriously, look at all those cutie animals on the front cover. *-* ALPACAAAS
Rosy61987 vs Giftshotel


Hi guys! If anyone dares to mistreat one of my best friends I will be angry D8

Rosy has always taken care of me since I started collecting. If you want cheap alpacas GTFO and talk to “Giftshotel”! When it is fake don’t come back crying cause we warned you.

I am seriously annoyed with the amount…


Omgosh… I love you Rosy!!!

This is my mystery box ^^ She handwrote me a get well note that almost made me cry. Today has been so so bad, so I fought pain pill tireds to make sure I didn’t miss the mail.

I love everything ♡~♡ I didn’t get anything I already had (well I have a big baby maid but never enough maids!) and just.. ugh!!! So so happy. I am so buying another one. Everything was individually wrapped in cute bags, too! The neko donuts and Wooly are so cute, I plan to buy more! Thank you so much Rosy. This truly made a terrible day a bit better and everytime I get a package from you I am always reminded why I shop with you~