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October is coming up soon, so I will be putting even more yummy goodies if you make a purchase from me from September 22 - October 31st! Who knows— you might even get an extra surprise. 

**Alpacasso lucky bags and Surprise lucky bags are now on sale; you get even more sweets that I recently purchased nwn

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Have fun :D

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Get a chance of obtaining old and new series from the many adorable plush made from Japan. It’s a surprise bag so there is not much to describe except that it is a mystery :D To make this more exciting, I’d like everyone to know that not everything in this photo is all that will be included.. There is MUCH more! (It was just not pictured) So have some fun and take your chance.
All surprise lucky bags come with extra freebies besides the plush/items that are randomly assorted into each surprise lucky bag.There are two sizes you get to choose from, the medium OR the large surprise lucky bag. Please let me know which one you would like to purchase and we can discuss the price and shipping costs from then on.For any inquires, please email me at*Shipping from California.

she sat in the water for like an hour, just staring at the water peacefully

This is how we prevented him from going upstairs. Two pillows. Stump life is rough.

🎃Time to be Spoopy!!🐏🎃

Anonymous asked:
I think someone is impersonating you on instagram! Do you have an instagram under this name?
Then I said yooooooooooooo:

It’s coolieo. That’s my IG sales, thanks for your concern tho :) I didn’t think people paid much attention to that Instagram XD