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SNK/Attack on Titan Alpacasso in sizes 16cm & 8cm.

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Please do not use this photo without my permission. Thanks and enjoy :)

Take these adorable Wooly home today! Each Wooly stands tall of 16cm and comes with their original paper tag.

Colors only available in:
- Yellow
- Purple
- White
- Pink

Limited stock, so send an email to to discuss payment and shipping details. Thanks!
October is coming up soon, so I will be putting even more yummy goodies if you make a purchase from me from September 22 - October 31st! Who knows— you might even get an extra surprise. 

**Alpacasso lucky bags and surprise bags are now on sale; you get even more sweets that I recently purchased nwn

Place your orders by emailing me at for inquires/discussing payment &a shipping costs.

Have fun :D

Cleaning my large alpacas takes so long!! \(´;ω;`\ ) My poor jumbo babies are buried under alpaca booties…..

Yaaaas Kami XD

Long live the king

hyena-chan asked:
Hey! I was just reminded that I don't know if you sell/ship internationally.. do you? (Soreyal just answered a similar ask and I realised that it would be relevant for me as well since I'm in EU) For future reference. Thank you :)
Then I said yooooooooooooo:


I do offer international shipping :D I’ve shipped to EU a couple times and even further places— no lost packages so far. Yay :3

Just note that shipping is a bit more expensive since I am shipping from the US uwu I have people complain about shipping sometimes and it’s like whyyy.. I do not control shipping costs.. Plus people forget to consider the shipping supplies as well. Ah~

If anyone has any other questions, go ahead and ask on tumblr or you can email me at


My second set of 8cm macarons. 
I don’t really want to sell because they are gorgeous.. But if someone offers me the price I want, I will consider selling because it’s my 2-year anni w/ the bf tomorrow and I’d like some more spending money for him since I have no job yet. I already got his gift, but It’d be nice for extra cash to spend u//u

#strugglingfulltimecollegestudent uwu

If you want to make an offer, please email me at