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Derpola’s Halloween treat bags !

^_^ I already made a post about this, but I decided to make some changes thanks to some feedback I got from followers. Therefore, now you all have 3 options to choose from. Please read the descriptions below of the options you are able to purchase. Each Halloween treat bag should include one plush and a random assortment of yummy candies :)
1) The Collector [$15.00]
This treat bag is for those who are looking for older series of 8cm Alpacasso that were released 2-3 years ago.

2) Mainstream [$13.00]
If you are more of a fan of the newly released series of 8cm Alpacasso, this treat bag is for you!

3) I’m feeling lucky [$12.00]
Like surprises? Take your chance at this treat bag for any kind of random small plush. 

I ship from California, all USA orders have a shipping costs of $3.75 per Halloween treat bag. That includes the tracking number. I also offer combined shipping if you decide to buy more ~

& I will also allow buyers to tell me what series they already own, so that they will not get a double of that series. Please just mention it to me though email when placing your order. Send inquires to if you are interested in purchasing a Halloween treat bag.
**Halloween treat bags are only available for a limited amount of time until October 31, 2014.For more sales related posts, please view them here:
- Alpacasso in stock
- More Surprise lucky bags!

These are only available for a limited time guys~Place your orders now :)

looking at this as in the real thing.. o am surprised this is so cute…love the letter paper tag  #amuse #owl #harryporter #rosy61987 #Alpacasso #fukurouhoho #rosygarden #halloween #cute #kawaii #lovely #witch



don’t even get me started about the moment you have to AWKWARDLY CLICK FOLLOW AGAIN LIKE WHAT DID I JUST DO ;w; 

oh gosh you aren’t the only one… I remember sometimes having to message people and tell them i clicked the wrong button and it’s just not a good situation… ;Q;

It happens to me a lot on mobile :L


Alpacasso tsumikos are here, have to work on on posting them~.~ the individual orders (without combining other items) will go first, the combine shipping orders will go a day or two later but those will ship via a faster shipping method.  #Alpacasso #rosy61987 #tsumtsum #amuse #bedtime #cute #arpakasso #pillow  #kawiaii

Yes ;-;

All I want in life is good company and lots of food. uwu;;


Afternoon Tea Seifuku from Spreepicky!! || Enter “ojouu" at checkout for a special discount!!

one of these is not like the other

Omg little babu ;w;

My two favourite plushies to cheer me up ^w^ These last few weeks I’ve been negative/sad and I want to thank everyone who has commented or messaged me to cheer me up. Thank you!! It’s really made me feel better and appreciative of the community on here. If anyone ever needs a good talk I’m here for you too! Feel free to message me any time. I don’t bite owo

Yay! The sun came out for like 1 hour… I’ve been feeling pretty down lately and rather negative. Thanks Derpola for cheering me up ;A;

Although yah… I need something light hearted to watch I’m debating Free! The second season but I heard much feelz goes on…

Didn’t realize you mentioned me at first, just saw this coz I’ve been sleeping since I got home from classes XD but I’m happy to cheer you up and be there for vent sessions. Love yah :3

If anyone has emailed me or sent an ask regarding to any of my sales and you haven’t gotten a reply from me yet; please message/email me again. I’ve replied to all emails and asks at this point, but if you didn’t receive an answer from me— let me know.


Time to sleep zzzZZz  #alpacasso #arpakasso #goodnight #rosy61987 #rosysgarden #pillow #cute #12kuriko

so this is the color differences for the three series. Being the snk i already did comparison with rainbow so i am not digging the blue rainbow out again. #Alpacasso #blue #rosy61987 #snk #shingekinokyojin #attackontitan #aot #rosygarden #amuse #rosysgarden #arpakasso #cute #kawaii #lovely