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Gorgeous Arpakassos 8D (Rare owo)

Pink,White and Purple for sale!

$185 USD shipped for all 3, one is missing a tag ;A;

$70 shipped each, message me for details/other pics *^*

Take a look friends :3 Soreyal is an alpacasso collector herself and sells rares every now and then!! Check it out.
Exclusive Alpacasso.
It’s been a while since I’ve ordered from Rosy’s Garden, but here it is: Rosy’s Mystery Box !

I’m pretty sure this tan/beige Alpacasso from the old Macaroon series was a party of Rosy’s own collection, so thank you so much for including it in my mystery box :) Pretty much everything here is something I do not have and it was just really fun to open and see what I got. I was hoping to get one of those cute bunny chalk boards I’ve been seeing XD but it’s okay, the little alpacasso keychain is adorable! And thank you Rosy for including the poster too! I’ve seen that series before, but I don’t own any myself :P


For anyone looking to take a chance of getting any rare Japan plush/items, please check out

She was one of the first people I bought Alpacasso from and is still in my top favorite sellers! ❤️


For sale ~

Both brand new with original paper tags.

55cm Pink Funwari Series50cm Blue Ramune Series [SOLD]

Check my tumblr for my other sales posts for Alpacasso plush :)

Trying to make more room and give these cuties a loving new home.

Goodbye Blue Ramune ;A; you will be going to a new loving home!!

Now I gotta find a new home for my large Pink Alpacasso now, anyone interested?

OMG LOL I was going to take a picture of all my Alpacassos but I’m seriously tired out just from taking out all the 33-70cm ones OTL




*picks the hottest cashier at the grocery store*



Hana Series
Lmao so while I was selling Alpacasso at JapanTown today; I wasn’t even cosplaying.. Yet I was asked to take photos.
Heading to japantown sf to sell Alpacasso :)

Find me and possibly take a new adorable plush home !!

I’m holding a blue duffle bag that says “Selling Alpacasso, (Just Ask!)”