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All the other sizes of antique series arrived :3 #alpaca #alpacasso #arpakasso #cute #amuse #kawaii #rosy61987 #rosygarden #rosy #rosysgarden

Trainers Marcy and PB by spicyroll

Anonymous asked:
Do you have any or like alpacasso or any plush really with the straps on them? Or do you prefer to have the bigger size?
Then I said yooooooooooooo:

I have alpacasso in all sizes tbh. I try to be selective on the large ones since they take up a lot of space. But I mostly own sizes in 12cm and 16cm I think, but my phone strap collection is growing— and later this August I will be selling more =D Thank you for your question.


OH MY GOD HOW ADORABLE THE LITTLE ONE IS!!! He just arrived ♥ 。゚( ゚இωஇ゚)゚。
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Latest order of cuties! I took a chance and ordered one of Rosy’s *~mystery~* boxes and everything was so cute and perfect! ; u;
Only the plushes are pictured here, but trust me the other stuff is equally adorable u vu


Made my first purchase from Tokyo Otaku Mode. I hope this will not be a disappointment.


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